| A New City
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19th Century New York




  • 1868: The January 7 issue of the German-language newspaper New Yorker Staats-Zeitung, founded in 1834, became the first in New York made entirely of ground-wood pulp. (New York State Library)


  • 1870: Rowell’s American newspaper directory lists New York City as having 90 newspapers in print. (New York State Library)




  • 1890: Castle Garden ceases operations.


  • 1892: Ellis Island takes over immigrant processing.


  • 1895: Towns east of the Bronx River – parts of Eastchester and Pelham, Wakefield and Westchester – annexed to New York; they would later form Westchester County. (The Bronx County Historical Society)


  • 1898: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island join Manhattan on January 1 to create the “City of Greater New York,” the unofficial name for the city after the consolidation of Manhattan (New York County) with its neighboring municipalities.


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