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Posts of Interest
Newspaper Row

Newspaper Row

In the latter half of the 19th century, Park Row (formerly named Chatham Street) had the nickname “Newspaper Row” for the large number of periodicals with offices on the Lower Manhattan street....

The ‘Only,’ ‘Best,’ ‘Most Popular’

Some of the historical city directories we used to find addresses included advertisements for a number of newspapers in our collection. We noticed quite a few superlatives describing the periodicals. Find some of them below. Click on the newspaper titles to see the ad and...

Cuban newspapers

Cuban Newspapers

Cubans who left their country during the Ten Years’ War (1868-1878), the first of three battles for independence from Spain, started a robust number of newspapers including several in New York. Those for which we could locate addresses and visual representations are identified in our...

Newspapers Left Out

We started out with more than 130 newspaper titles, then eliminated a few dozen because their founding years were unknown or their frequency of publication was irregular. We combined periodicals that were different editions of each other. Then, of the list that remained, we removed...

Language clusters

Language Clusters

While there are not enough newspapers in languages other than German to draw any substantial conclusions, there are noticeable clusters: Spanish-language papers are found on the lower end of Manhattan, Irish and Italian papers just north of them, Yiddish papers on the Lower East Side...

Dr. Walker’s Vinegar Bitters

Quite a few of our papers contain advertisements for Dr. Walker's Vinegar Bitters. This concoction was sold all over the country in the late 19th century, and advertises in various publications and languages. What exactly was this drink and what was did it supposedly cure?...