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Newspapers Left Out

We started out with more than 130 newspaper titles, then eliminated a few dozen because their founding years were unknown or their frequency of publication was irregular. We combined periodicals that were different editions of each other. Then, of the list that remained, we removed several newspapers for which we could not locate a street address and did not include them in the gallery. Find those in the list below:

  • Both “Diario Cubano,” a daily started in 1870 that published 58 issues, and “La Verdad: Periódico Política Cubana” (The Truth: Cuban Political Newspaper), a weekly founded in 1876, championed the Cuban independence movement. Read more at the post on Cuban newspapers.
  • “El Continental,” or The Continental, a Spanish-language weekly founded in 1862, was “published on the sailing day of the steamer for Havana and Panama, for circulation in the United States, Cuba, Mexico, and South America” (Chronicling America).
  • “El Sur-Americano,” or The South American, published in Spanish and English starting in 1874, was “a semi-monthly journal devoted to the interests of the South-American Republics” (Chronicling America).
  • “L’Unione dei Popoli,” or The Union of the People, published weekly starting in 1870 in Italian. (Chronicling America)
  • “La Feuille d’Erable: Organe des Canadiens à New York et aux Environs,” or The Maple Leaf, published monthly in French and English from 1887 and served Canadian immigrants. (Chronicling America)
  • “La República,” or The Republic, began in 1871 and published weekly in Spanish with parts in English. (Chronicling America)
  • “Österns Weckoblad,” also known as “Österns veckoblad” or Eastern Weekly was a Swedish-language newspaper started in 1890 that also had a Boston edition. (Chronicling America)
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